Slow Horses by Mick Herron

Despite a slow start to the drama, once this book got going I really got hooked.

The first few chapters were pretty wordy, and although I don’t mind long descriptions sometimes, when there’s about 7 characters to introduce, it got a little repetitive. The one positive thing about this is that there was plenty of room for character development, which for some of the characters became quite integral to the story. I liked this, as normally a big development for a character can be more of a slow burn, but the nature of the novel meant that the characters were forced to confront their own flaws in a very stark way.

Once the book gets past the long intro, it was really interesting. With a twist on current political issues, involving a kidnapping, beheading, out-of-favour spies and dodgy journalists, there was a lot going on here. It was sometimes quite hard to follow with the long descriptions, but the drama did really intrigue me.

I was a bit lost as to the actual ‘mystery’ for a while, but as a sneaky, unnoticeable conspiracy started to show itself, it became really enjoyable and quite an unusual story.

This is not your typical crime story, with a death and a detective ready to solve it, and was instead quite disintegrated, with a lot of different characters and mini-stories involved. It’s a more unusual style of writing, but once I got into it I really enjoyed it. I have two more in the same series to read, and am looking forward to seeing where Herron takes the characters, particularly some of the core ones.

Slow Horses
Mick Herron
John Murray Publishing, 2017

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