Dead Lions & Real Tigers by Mick Herron

What I love about this series is that each book is so different, and without giving too much away, there is a reasonably high turnover of characters. Each character has their own intriguing backstory and the way they work together in these two great mysteries is really interesting to follow.

They follow on from the first book really well, but on both these books I was completely hooked from the beginning, unlike the first one, so this is a series worth sticking with.

Jackson Lamb, the apparent ‘lead’ member of this team of ex-spies, is both disgusting but also has hidden depths of intelligence and well-laid plans that often surprise the reader.

I also like that Jackson Lamb often alienates the rest of the team through his methods that he rarely bothers to explain to them, and it’s an interesting dynamic. Rather than a clearly cohesive team, there are often times when each member or pair goes off on their own, but manage to just about hold everything together by the end.

The books do offer satisfying endings, but the journey to the ending is always full of ups and downs and struggles to complete the job, which makes for an exciting read.

These are definitely great books, different to everything else I’ve read, and I would highly recommend this series.

Dead Lions
Mick Herron
John Murray Publishing, 2017

Real Tigers
Mick Herron
John Murray Publishing, 2017

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