BLOG TOUR: A Face in The Crowd by Kerry Wilkinson

This was a slow-paced yet gripping story, with a main character who’s background and personality is explored in detail.

Lucy gets on her bus, the same bus she gets every day. When she gets off, she finds an envelope stuffed with money inside her handbag…
Although this may seem like the answer to all of Lucy’s troubles, she soon discovers that not all is as it seems.
Who exactly is her new neighbour? Is her new boyfriend all he seems? And why is her ex-boyfriends mother seemingly stalking her…?
Everything comes with a price.

I really liked how focused this was on one character, and that this meant we got to know her really well. I’m a big fan of character-based books, so I loved this style of writing.

Lucy herself was really fascinating, she was both anxious and scared, but also stronger than she seemed, and this strength and determination showed itself more and more throughout the book. She was the sort of character that the reader was really able to connect with because her thoughts and decisions were written in such depth.

The actual premise of the book was really different to anything else I’ve read in a while. When Lucy finds the mysterious envelope of money in her bag, her reaction is very believable. The shock, the good intentions, the disbelief – it’s all there, written in such detail. But for someone like Lucy, who’s struggling to claw back debts, it seems like a miracle, and it’s easy to understand why she struggles to hand it in.

I liked how Wilkinson gave enough detail of Lucy’s backstory to demonstrate that it’s relevant to the money, but kept enough back to keep the reader intrigued. It was absolutely brilliantly written at times, creating a real sense of mystery and suspense, keeping me on my toes. There were a lot of secondary characters, but as they all had fairly simple backstories it was easy to follow them all and understand the relevance they had to the story. I really liked Lucy’s friendship with her neighbour Karen, and even the other people in the building were so varied that it kept it all really interesting. I loved Lucy’s care for her dog, it showed a much more vulnerable side to her among all the other threatening and mysterious events. Harry, the guy Lucy was dating, was a great addition – although I suspected he was innocent there were more than enough dodgy signs to make me doubt myself.

The ending to this was really good. It was a great twist, and seriously creepy at times. It was clever, as it built up to make the reader suspect one thing, and then provided a really surprising twist. It was a slow build which made the ending seem really fast paced and satisfying. I would definitely recommend this, as it’s something a bit different and has a brilliant plot throughout.

A Face in the Crowd
Kerry Wilkinson
Bookouture, 6th June 2019

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